Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hi everyone

Welcome to my new blog, where I will post book reviews and other stuff concerning the books I read. I will also host interviews and contest. And before I say anything else, I must say a huge thanks to Daniela at Dreamy Blog Design, who designed the layout for this blog. I love it!

As my blog title suggests, I live in Norway. I consider my country one of the most beautiful places on this earth, of course, but I am also fond of the United States and the UK. Me and my friends actually have a habit of celebrating thanksgiving each year, although none of us have any bonds to the United States. I also have some great friends living in the UK.

I started blogging in Norwegian in January and it didn’t take long before I was hooked. I love to keep tabs on the books I read this way, and spread the word about all the fantastic books and authors that are out there. I also enjoy reading other book blogs, and are amazed about how many great bloggers that are out there. I have gotten a lot of tips about great books from you guys.

I learned to read on my own, before I attended school and since then I have read all the time. I have my own special reading chair, where I prefer to devour my books, but I can read almost anywhere: On the bus, the train and the subway, when I am waiting for something, before I go to sleep, when I am eating etc.

I am also a compulsive book buyer. Even though I have a lot of books I haven’t read yet, I still buy new ones if someone appeals to me. My boyfriend and I moved into a new house last year, and here I have my own library/study with bookshelves lining the walls.

I read a lot of genres, but my favorites are historical fiction, paranormal romance, young adult and mystery/thriller/crime. I also try to read some of the classics from time to time. It is impossible to pick out one favorite author, but these are among some of the authors I enjoy: Alyson Noel, Laurell K. Hamilton, Lara Adrian, Anne Rice, Tess Gerritsen, Val McDermid, J.R Ward, Lauren Kate, Rachel Caine, Philippa Gregory, Stohl & Garcia, L.J. Smith and a lot of Scandinavian authors. And I must not forget Stephen King. I even have my very own Stephen King bookshelf, where I place all his books and DVD’s based on his novels and short stories.

I prefer to read books in English, especially if that is the book's original language. So many aspects tend to get lost in the translation of a book, besides, books in English are quite cheaper than the Norwegian ones. The average prices for new, blound books here in Norway are 36,59 gpb or 56,37 usd, Paperbacks sell for 13,48 gpb or 20,77 usd. So, no wonder I try to by a lot of my books in english. My favorite places to shop for english books are Play, BookDepository and Amazon

When I am not reading books, I spend my time on interior design ( love shabby chic), photography, with friends, working out in the gym or walking my two dogs. This autumn I will also begin studies in literature.

So, that was a little about me. I will soon host my first contest, and there is quite a few reviews and interviews coming up. So exited about the last part! I will post a lot of the reviews I have done in Norwegian earlier this year on this blog. So stay tuned for more on that soon.

Hope each and everyone of you are enjoying a warm and nice summer!

Ps: I try to do my best avoiding grammar mistakes etc, but since english is not my native language it may happen. In that case, bare over with me.


Maria the Bookworm said...

Love your new blog! It's so cool that you and your friends celebrate thanksgiving each year as well. By the way, I'm thinking about studying literature in a few years time too and it would be really cool if you told us a little about it from time to time when you start. I'm sure many book bloggers would be interested :)

The Norwegian BookGirl said...

Thank you so much :)
It was the idea of one of my friends to celebrate thanksgiving, and now it is a great tradition.

I will probably write something about the studies as they move along. Can't wait to get started.

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Just discovered your blog and I love it! I'll be back for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello to Norway.
I love reading and Norway - so I found you, but unfortunately my english is not so good for reading. I don´t have real pleasure reading in english, so have a nice time and good reading.

greetings from czech republic

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