Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Award and new book in contest

I have gotten an award:

I got the award from Brenda, Maidenveil and Jazz R.J.
Thank you so much, both of you. I really appreciate it.

Here is seven things about me:
1. I love stormy weather and rain, since that gives me a good excuse to curl up in my reading chair and read, and not think about all the things I should have done in the garden.
2. I love shabby chic
3. I dream about a big library with chesterfield furniture.
4. I love to listen to prog, power metal and bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation and Kamelot
5. I am addicted to smoothies.

The point is to pass this award along to 15 bloggers, but I think it is so hard to choose among all the fantastic bloggers that are out there. That's why I don't do so well with awards. But I would like to thank the bloggers that gave me this award, and please don't think ill of me even though I don't pass it along to others. My list of great bloggers are just to big.

And now, to the contest:

I have currently 158 followers. That means that one more winner will be chosen on 27th of August and one more book is added to the books that are up for grabs. The book I have added this time, is one that was suggested to me in a comment:
This is the paperback edition of the book.

Thank you so much everyone that has participated in the contest.


Palindrome said...


Your blog is gorgeous!

armchair traveler never! said...

So nice to read about someone else who enjoys Nightwish & Within Temptation music, I love those bands! the leading singers have fantastic voices although I think Tarja (from Nightwish) was better than the new one.

The Norwegian BookGirl said...

@Palindrome: Thank you so much :)

@armchair traveler never!: I like powerful music. i could have mentioned Delain & Epica also. If someone should have dressed me in sterotypes based on the music I listen to, the books I read and the interests I have - I would have ended up in goth - clothes and makeup.

lyan said...


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