Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review: The Vampire Diaries, book 3 & 4

Publisher: Hodder Childrens UK
Pages: 410
Format: Paperback
Release: First released in 1991, this edition in 2009

The Fury: Faced with an ancient evil, Stefan and Damon must stop their feuding and join forces with Elena to confront it. But in so doing, they are unwittingly sealing her fate . The Reunion: Elena summons the vampire trio once more to unite and challenge their fate. Together they will be called to face the most terrifying evil Fell's Church has ever known.

An easy vampire read

Book 3 and 4 in the Vampire Diaries are way better than the first two books.

The story revolves around evil - an evil is threatening Fell's Church, Elena and all her friends. Together they must try to fight it with all means and do their best to adapt to the circumstances brought on late in book 2.

I was not a big fan of the first two books in this series, but I am glad I kept on reading because this was much, much better. Here your have a lot of suspense, mystery and surprises. I did predict some of the twists in the story, men not everyone of them.

I felt like I got to know Stefan and Damon better, and the relationship between the two brothers is the most interesting part of these book, in my opinion. Elena remains a somewhat vague character - my sympathy is with Bonnie. I find her much more interesting to read about.

Book 3 is the one I liked the best. Here you have situations which reminded me of Cujo by Stephen King. Book 4 is not so good, and it lacks in originality and suspense. Both books are easy reads perfect for days when you just want to relax. The problem with this series is that the books are so uneven, especially when it comes to the development of the main character. I do think that the younger audience will like these books better than me.

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