Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going to London - again!

You might remember that I went to London earlier this fall. London is one of my favorite cities to visit, and me and my boyfriend had a great time. I promised myself that I was going to return as soon as possible, and now the plans have been made for a new trip and I am so excited about that.

I am going to visit London in april to attend The London Book Fair. The fair runs for three days, and is visited by publishers from all over the world. I have never been to a book fair this big, so I am pretty excited. And I have to visit more bookshops in London off course, and return to my favorite secondhand bookshop in Bloomsbury.

Bookblogging has also made the headlines here in Norway. Our national broadcaster made a program where they interviewed some bloggers about bookblogging. I was one of them. Bookblogging in Norway is different from bookblogging in the US and Great Britain, and some of the reviewers in the newspapers are not so happy about it. They believe that the bookbloggers are a threat to them. I do not share that opinion. Take the genre YA, for example; there is not a lot of publicity in the magazines or the papers when it comes to books, new releases etc. So, if I want to learn more about this, I have to read other bookblogs. I have found so many great books I never would have known about, if it weren't for blogging.

I could talk for ever about this issues, but instead I am going to show you my dogs.

Say hello to Bogart & Dogbert:

This is Bogart ( 3 years), named after the actor Humphrey Bogart:

And this is Dogbert ( 5 years), named after the cartoon character:

Have a nice week everyone.


Must Love Books said...

I am jealous you get to go to London again! I went last year and am dying to go back. I'm dying to go back to Edinburgh as well. Hope you have fun at the book fair!

jackie b central texas said...

Congratulations on your upcoming trip, have a great time at the book fair and bring us back lots of pictures and good book gossip!

jackie >_<

dor said...

Have a good time. I love you furry friends. They are so adorable.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Have fun!! I'm so jealous-london and a book fair?? that's so awesome!! love the pics of your dogs, they are adorable!

Ladybug said...

Going to The London Bookfair sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a wonderful experience in London when April is here :)

I agree with you, YA doesn't get a lot of attention in the Norwegian media(at least not the kind of YA in the genres we might prefer).

YA Vampire Books said...

wow have fun in London!! Such a cool city! Fun that you've been interviewed, I agree with you book blogging is a great way to market books!
Cute dogs :)

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