Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trailer Tuesday (4)

This week's trailer is not for a book.

A Norwegian movie has gained a lot of attention in Norway these days, and not just in Norway. The Troll Hunter is a mockumentary about a group of students who sets out to make a documentary about mysterious happenings in the Norwegian mountains. And soon they discover that trolls does not only excist in the fairytales.

The film was shown at Fantastic Fest and after that it took off. Now, the before unknown Norwegian director is getting offers from big movie companies in the US, and they are sending him scripts for big blockbusters and asking him to direct them. And that is not something that happens often to Norwegian directors.

Read a review of the movie here.

And here is the trailer:


Melissa said...

No way?!?!?! The Troll Hunter!?!?!? Heck yes! Thanks so much for posting this! :)

yllektra (force-oblique) said...

Heeh, trolls?
Seriously? I don't think I have ever seen a movie with trolls as the big evil! XD

4thguy said...

I hope I get to see it subtitled. It looks fairly original.

The Norwegian BookGirl said...

@Melissa: They tried to promote it as a real documentary in the beginning ;)

@yllektra: It is a bit strange that no Norwegian moviecompany has ever made a movie about trolls yet.

@4thguy: The rights are sold to a big distributor in America, I am not sure of the name, but it will be in the movietheatres overthere.

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