Friday, April 15, 2011

Book News (1)

Here are some assorted news from the last weeks:

Rowling more positive to e-books
J.K. Rowling have refused to sell the digital rights to her series about Harry Potter, but now she have, according to her agent, decided to think about it again. The digital rights to Rowling’s bookseries are estimated to 100 million GPB.

Sweden’ answer to Twilight
A new young adult series is creating headlines in the Swedish newspapers. The Circle will be released in Sweden in the middle of April, and is predicted to be a big success. The book is the first in a planned trilogy telling the story of six teenage girls who find out that they have magical powers and are in fact witches. The rights have been sold to the UK, Estonia, Italy, Germany. Denmark and Norway at auction, and 20th Century Fox have expressed interest in making an American movie version of the series.
The Swedish booktrailer:

New trilogy from Brennan
Sarah Rees Brennan, know for the Demon’s Lexicon, is working on a trilogy. Listen for a Whisper is descriced as a gothic where a young journalist finds out that her hometown is harboring many secrets. The series will be published by Random House Children’s.

Steampunk from Carriger.
Gail Carriger is working on her first young adult – series. Espionage and Etiquette is a spinoff from Soulless and takes places 25 years before Soulless. The series is described as Ally Carter meets Steampunk. There will be published at least four books.

Ghosts from Schwab
The Near Witch have created a big buzz in the blogosphere, even though the book have not been published yet. Schwab is currently working on her next project, a book about ghosts which will be called The Archived.

The next big thing?
The Lacios Project may be the next bestseller in the young adult genre. Harper Children’s will publish the series which is written by Erin Bowman. The storyline revolves around a town where boys are being kidnapped before they turn 18 years old. None of the boys are ever seen again. Bowman have published parts of the first chapter on internet.

New post-apocalyptic series
Harper Teen will publish Demitria Lunetta's In the After. A post - apocalyptic trilogy where the readers meet a 17 year old girl who is doing her best to survive in a vicious world and protecting a little boy. The first book wil be published in 2012.

New series from Conrad
NYT bestselling author, Lauren Conrad, is writing a new series. Conrad, who have written the L.A. Candy series, is now working on The Fame Game. This is a trilogy featuring Madison Parker, one of the characters from the L.A. Candy universe. Publication will begin winter 2012.

There was also presentations of the hottest titles being published in the UK this fall on the London Book Fair this week. I will be back with more information on that soon.


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

the circle sounds really cool!!

La Coccinelle said...

Re: JK Rowling

"JK Rowling has been very protective of her novels, and rightly so, but this signals a real sea change in her attitudes."

At this point, she doesn't need to be protective of her novels if she's going to get £100million for the e-books! The format could be problematic for authors who are just starting out, though. When you haven't already made billions, every time someone pirates a copy of your book, it is a big deal!

Don't think JK needs to worry, though.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Thanks for the book news :) I found it all interesting.

MoonStar said...

Interesting news :)
Cirkelen sounds interesting. Maybe I should try reading it in Swedish. Since I have never read a swedish book :P Could be a fun challenge :)

The Norwegian BookGirl said...

@Carrie: I have ordered in, so I will be reviewing it here at the blog.

@La Coccinelle: I agree, and besides the whole series is available in both kindle format and other formats illegally according to a friend of mine.

@Alexis: Thank you :)

@MoonStar: I thought it would be tough reading in Swedish, but am reading a Swedish thriller now, and it is actually ok.

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